Monika Bütler

University of St.Gallen

Full Professor of Economics and Public Policy, University of St.Gallen (2004-)
Dean School of Economics and Political Science SEPS (2009-2013) Managing (Founding)
Director, Swiss Institute for Empirical Economic Research(2008-) Bank Council (Bankrat) Swiss National Bank (2010-)
Board of dircetors (non-executive member) Schindler Holding AG (2013-)
Research Coordinator, Netspar (Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement), The Netherlands (2009-)
Editor "The Journal of Pension Economics and Finance" (2010-) Regular Columnist "NZZ am Sonntag & Wirtschaftswoche" (Radio DRS4)
Main focus:  Public Policy Social Insurance Political Economy

Former positions: Visiting Professor, University of New South Wales, Sydney (2008 & 2011)

Advisor, The World Bank, Washington (2004-2006) Mitglied Kommission für Konjunkturfragen / Commission pour les questions conjoncturelles (2000-2004)

Full Professor, Université de Lausanne (2001-2004) Assistant Professor, Université de Lausanne (1999-2001) Assistant Professor (tenure track), CentER & Department of Economics, Tilburg University, the Netherlands (1997-2001) Researcher University of St.Gallen (1996-1997) Visiting Scholar; University of Virginia USA & Research Department, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond (1995-1996, sponsored by SNF) Research Assistant, University of St.Gallen (1991-1995)