Workshop on “Ageing, Economic Uncertainty, Savings and Long-run Governance of Pension Schemes”

Workshop on “Ageing, Economic Uncertainty, Savings and Long-run Governance of Pension Schemes”
16 & 17 Avril 2015 – Le Havre (France)

The University of Le Havre will organise a workshop on Ageing, Economic Uncertainty, Savings and Longrun
Governance of Pension Schemes.

The main objective of the workshop is to contribute to a better understanding of the economic, financial and
political implications of ageing both at individual and collective levels.
All submissions, from both academics and practitioners, are welcome but particularly those focussing on the
following issues:
- Life cycle savings behaviours: financial literacy, risk aversion, asset transitions and portfolio decisions close
to retirement.
- Gender perspective and financial inclusion of retirement savings.
- Actuarial equity and implicit marginal tax rate of pension rules.
- Measuring demographic, economic and financial uncertainty and assessing the degree of sustainability of
public pension schemes.
- Long-run governance of pension schemes.
- New challenges to finance the specific care for elderly dependent people.
- Public policies targeted at adapting to an ageing society.

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