CALL FOR PAPERS | CINTIA Second Conference: Towards a greater financial inclusion


 CINTIA Centro Interuniversitario Netspar Italy, invites paper submissions for the: CINTIA SECOND CONFERENCE “Towards a greater financial inclusion: Gender perspectives on savings, borrowing and insurance” November 24-25 2014

The conference will be hosted by CeRP-Collegio Carlo Alberto (

We invite contributions on topics related to: gender aspects of wealth accumulation, borrowing pensions and long term care; differential longevity and wellbeing; differential retirement patterns; gender differences in financial literacy; gender non-neutrality of financial language. Invited lectures.

Keynote speakers will include Axel Börsch-Supan and Pierre-André Chiappori.

Programme Committee: Agar Brugiavini, Margherita Borella, Elsa Fornero, Vincenzo Galasso, Giacomo Pasini, Maria Cristina Rossi, Lorenzo Savorelli, Eva Sierminska. 

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