The project

CINTIA is a centre producing research on pension, saving and insurance. It is part of a program fostering Netspar in Europe developed in order to meet problems that are by now prevailing in many governments’ agendas as are in a large part of the private sector, regarding demographic and societal changes, taking place in Europe and Italy, which have relevant economic implications for current and future generations of citizens. Welfare systems and markets have to be redesigned to provide a new architecture of the insurance and protection schemes ranging from pension provisions, to health care and to household finance.


CINTIA aims at bridging the gap between scientific research and policy-making in the area of welfare, public pensions, private insurance provisions, household finance and population ageing.



  • develop an independent scientific research program grounded on rigorous principles and state-of-the-art methodologies.
  • provide answers and independent opinions on the most debated issues in the area of pensions, insurance and household finance;
  • create a solid network of academics, scientists and professionals in economics, finance and actuarial sciences, but also sociology, demography and epidemiology, fostering the debate on welfare and insurance themes.
  • represent a platform for scientists, market-makers, policy-makers and stakeholders to gain insight into the economic implications of ageing;
  • It will encourage research fellows and young researchers to contribute to the understanding of welfare and insurance themes